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Q: What is it called when a country brings in goods it needs from another country?
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When a country brings in goods that were made in another country what is it doing?


What are the goods a country brings in fromother countries called?


What are goods sent from a country to other country's called?

When goods sent from one country to another they are called exports.

When a nation receives goods from another country the goods are?

they are called imports

What is it called when a country will not trade certain goods with another country?


What are goods that are sent to another country is called?

They would be called exports.

Goods sent into america from another country?

Probably import. It doesnt have to be Just be America though. When a country recieves goods from another country, it's called import. Export is the opposite. When YOU are sending goods it's called export. Hope this helps.

Goods sold by a country?

Goods that are sold from one country to another are called exports. 28% of the goods exported by the United States are capital goods, and 25% are industrial supplies and materials.

What is the name given to a person who illegally brings goods in the country?

not sure

What goods are imported and what goods are exported?

Every country imports and exports different goods so it is not possible to answer, however an import is a good that comes to the country from another country and exports are a country selling goods to another country.

What are foreign goods?

Items brought into a country from another country are foreign goods.

What are goods brought into a country from a foreign country called?

Imported Goods

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