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Acculturation-"the adoption of the behavior patterns of the surrounding culture"

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Q: What is it called when a culture region permanently adopts a new culture trait from another region it has gone through?
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What term is used to describe the process of becoming a part of another culture?

The term used to describe the process of becoming a part of another culture is "acculturation." Acculturation occurs when an individual or a group adopts the cultural traits and practices of a different culture, often through prolonged contact and interaction with that culture.

What is a less dominant culture adopts elements of the practices and ideas of a more dominate culture through interaction?

This is known as cultural assimilation, where a less dominant culture adopts elements of the practices and ideas of a more dominant culture as a result of interaction. This process can lead to changes in traditions, language, and beliefs within the less dominant culture.

How will a family who adopts a child from another family cope?

How will family who adopts a child from another language cope

How will a family adopts a child from another language cope?

How will family who adopts a child from another language cope

What do we call it when we take someone else's culture?

It is called cultural appropriation when someone adopts or uses elements of another cultural group without permission or understanding of their significance. This can be harmful and disrespectful to the originating culture.

What is the definition of adapted culture in a history definition?

in history an adapted culure is when one culture adopts aspects of another culture when it doesn't necessarily need the change like the Celts in Britain starting to build villas to live in instead of living in roundhouses- which did the job fine

Define cultural borrowing?

Cultural borrowing refers to the process in which elements of one culture are adopted or incorporated into another culture. This can include practices, beliefs, customs, language, or material objects. Cultural borrowing occurs when there is cultural exchange or interaction between different societies or groups.

What is acculturation?

Acculturation is the process through which individuals or groups adopt the cultural norms, values, and behaviors of a different culture. It involves adapting to new cultural practices while also maintaining aspects of one's own culture.'acculturation.

What does go native mean?

It actually describes the phenomenon experienced when someone visits a new place and adopts the culture and behavioral characteristics of the inhabitants or native population.

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A woman who adopts a child becomes that child's "mother".

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