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When many lands are ruled by one country, it is called an empire.
More then likely, that is called an empire. It could also be called a Kingdom

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Q: What is it called when many lands are ruled by one country?
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What is the word for many lands ruled by one country?

The word is "empire."

What country once ruled India for many years?


Which European country ruled India for many hundred year?


Which country was ruled by many?

Great Britain United States of Cuba

Did the Taliban ever rule a country?

Yes they ruled for many years.

What were Colonies called that were not originally founded by the English?

Before the english ever came to North America, the whole country was ruled by many diffrent indian tribes.

What is the difference between a dicatorship and a democray?

A dictatorship is a country that is ruled by a single person there is no voting what he says goes. A democracy is a country ruled by many branches of government that are all voted for by the people

How many country British did not rule?

the British ruled the whole world except nepal

What were the Mongols called that destroyed Kiev?

The Mongols that destroyed Kiev were called were called the Tartars. The overran the area in Ukraine in 1240 and ruled for many years.

How many countries ruled Europe?

No country has ever managed to rule all of Europe

What is a country with many islands called?

A country with many islands is called an archipelago.

What was ancient China government like?

Ancient China was ruled by many dynasties. Ancient China also had monarchy