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Q: What is it called when the president refuses to spend money?
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The president's refusal to spend money is called?

When a president refuses to spend money that Congress appropriates, ii is called impoundment of funds. This was a power that that was first exercised by the U.S. President Thomas Jefferson in 1801. In 1974, the Impoundment Control Act was enacted to limit this power of presidents.

How much money can a president spend or raise?

How much money can a president spend? all of it. How much money can a president raise? .. well that tend not leave office with the country rich

Congress has the power to authorize spending called?

can Congress spend money or does the President? ^whoever made that answer is an idiot

Why are Maltese roads of such poor quality?

The Maltese government refuses to spend any money to improve roads

What would you do to become class president?

Spend a lot of money

Who must give permission to spend government money?

Congress. Both the House and Senate must pass a bill, called "appropriations" and signed by President, to draw money from the Treasury.

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What is money that is used to spend or invest called?

Play money

What do you call a person who refuses to spend money even if it is necessary?

People who constantly penny pinch even when there is no need are generally called 'misers' or 'cheap.' The cause may because they had little money while growing up (came from a very poor family) or, they have a psychological problem where they have a need to hoard their money.

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Why is pocket money called pocket money?

Pocket money is called pocket money because money was put into the pockets.If money was in the pocket, the person could spend it

What is the person called who does not wish to spend money?

Scrooge? lol