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anu nga b yand ku dn alam ee

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Q: What is legislative department?
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Why do you need legislative department?

The legislative branch of government writes and votes on laws.

Issues about the legislative department of the Philippines?


Which branch of the government created the Department of the Interior?


Which branch of government created the Department of Justice?


Portion of the constitution establishing the legislative department?

The US Constitution outlines each branch of government and their responsibilities. Article 1 is the portion of the Constitution that establishes the legislative department.

What is the main function of the Legislative department?

The primary function of the legislative branch is to make laws.

1987 Philippine constitution article VI question?

The Legislative Department

What is the definition of legislative department of the Philippines?

It is the ability to do work. Burnik Boy..

Philippine constitution articleVI section 10 to 31 legislative department?


What is the legislative department of Illinois government called?

The General Assembly

A cabinet department employee who helps promote good relations with congress?

A cabinet department employee who helps promote good relations with Congress is typically referred to as a Congressional Liaison or a Legislative Affairs Specialist. Their role is to establish and maintain communication channels between the department and members of Congress, facilitating the exchange of information and supporting the department's legislative goals and priorities. They may also assist with drafting legislation and coordinating legislative strategies.

What branch can approve treaties?

The Legislative branch but more specifically the Senate. The president proposes but the Senate must approve by 2/3 of the vote.