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Life on a covered wagon was difficult. Dust covered the wagons from traveling on dirt roads. Life on the covered wagon could also be dangerous.

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Q: What is life like on a covered wagon?
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Who used the covered wagon?

People going west used the covered wagon.

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Is there any other names for the covered wagon?

The covered wagon was the main means of travel for about two centuries of American history. The wagon box was covered in hoops with a canvas tarp on top. Another name for the covered wagon was prairie schooner because the white canvas top looked like a ship's sails as it moved along the prairie.

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What is Prairie schooners?

A covered wagon, also known as a Conestoga wagon.

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What is a covered wagon wagon?

the nick name for a very larged covered waggon is called a PRAIRIE SCHOONER

The nickname for pioneer wagon was?

Covered Wagon Prairie Schooner

What is another name for a cover wagon?

Another name for a cover wagon is a covered wagon.

Different types of wagons?

Conestoga Wagon Chuckwagon Stagechoaches Sheep Wagon and............................................ Covered Wagon