What is line commutation?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i think i know this answer...line commutation is the commutation in single phase inverters/converters when there is current flow back to the source..

It can also refer to a method of turning of a semiconductor device known as a Thyristor or SCR, sometimes called natural commutation. In this method the current between the anode and cathode is interrupted or dropped to a point where the Thyristor can no longer maintain its latch or keep conducting, shutting the device off.

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Q: What is line commutation?
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What is a line commutation?

it is the natural commutation making open circuit or short circuit on the thyristor to make it turn off.

What is the difference between current and voltage commutation?

Voltage commutation: This is possible in ac circuits...The thyristor gets turned off by reverse bias (negative half cycle) voltage applied across it. This is also called line commutation. Current Commutation: This is possible in dc circuits ...This type of commutation makes use of auxiliary circuit which contains inductor,capacitor,diode and even a thyristor(auxiliary). This is called Forced commutation.

What are the types of commutation?

Two types of commutation process 1) Natural commutation 2) Forced commutation

How commutation can be improve?

Generally there are two methods of improving Commutation :- 1.Resistance Commutation 2.Emf or Voltage Commutation The Commutation can also be improve by using interpoles and compensating windings.

What is load commutation?

it is a type of forced commutation technique of thyristor

What is commutation of thyristor?

the process of turning off of a thyrisror is known as commutation

What are the difference between choppers and inverters?

chopper transforms ac to dc (dc chopper) while all inverter transform dc to ac commutation used in chopper: forced,load commutation used in inverter:forced(180 vsi),natural or line(120 vsi)

Natural commutation is used in which kind of circuit?

phase controlled RECTIFIER circuit used Natural Commutation......

What are the problems of commutation in a DC generator?

1.resistance commutation 2.e.m.f commutation

Definition of last pay drawn?

last pay drawn meaning? what is basic pension is it pension before commutation or after commutation?

What is the power of commutation?

The power of commutation is a power only given to the president of the United States and is the power to commute (reduce) the length of a sentence or a fine by a court.

What is the difference between natural and force commutation?