What is oas aas lls?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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OAS is the Organization of American States.

AAS is the American Astronomical Society

LLS is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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Q: What is oas aas lls?
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Who is the leader of the OAS?

OAS (Organization of American States), was formed in 1948 to strengthen ties between various states of America. Currently, the head of OAS is Jose Miguel Insulza (a Chilean politician and a businessman).

He US and 20 Latin American nations formed the Organization of American States in 1948?

The creation of the Organization of American States (OAS) in 1948 aimed to promote cooperation and solidarity among member countries in the Americas. The OAS serves as a platform for political dialogue, conflict resolution, and the advancement of democracy and human rights in the region. It also facilitates economic integration and fosters social development in member states.

What are the member countries of OAS?

There are 21 nation. They are: *Argentina *Bolivia *Brazil *Chile *Columbia *Costa Rica *Dominican Republic *Ecuador *El Slavador *Guatemala *Haiti *Hunduras *Mexico *Nicaraqua *Panama *Paraguay *Peru *United States *Uruguay *Venezuela

What is political status?

In particular, they noted that the Government of Haitishould make more progress on its commitments to do the following:-Ensure a climate of security;-Investigate the acts of violence related to December 17, 2001;-Prosecute those responsible;-Make full, not partial, reparations to the victims; and-Develop and implement, with the OAS Special Mission, an effective disarmament program.i copied this from a website but i lol... i forgot what the website was.. just search on Google" what is the political status of Haiti "that should help!=)

Why were enslaved African American not allowed to enlist in the war?

t You FALSE STATEMENT (provided in the form of a spurious "question") is historically inaccurate! MANY, MANY, MANY of the African-Americans BOTH enlisted and fought in every American war -- from the American Revolution (often with the promise of 'freedom' in return) to the Gulf Wars in the Middle East. In fact, the first soldier to die in the American Revolution was an African-American (AA) named Crispus Attucks and U.S. museums are loaded with memorials of AAs who fought valiantly in EVERY war fought either in or by the United States.

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