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The oldest standing buildings in the US are the Ancestral Puebloan communities found in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. These buildings were built in 750 CE.

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Q: What is oldest standing building in us?
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What is the oldest continuously operating train station in the US?

Lewistown Station in Lewistown, PA is the oldest continually operating train station in the u.s. and is also the oldest building built by the Pennsy that's still standing.

Where is the worlds oldest Burger King restaurant located?

The current oldest standing original building is Store #139 in Minneapolis, MN.

Where is the oldest building in Denver?

The Four Mile House (859) was a way station for travelers coming in and out of Denver and is the oldest building in the city. The building that was the Denver stage coach stop at 15th and Market St is the oldest building in downtown Denver still standing.

When was The Old North Church built?

Built in 1723, it is the oldest standing church building in Boston, Massachusetts.

What is the oldest building in WA?

The Old Stone House, located at 3051 M Street in Georgetown, was built in 1765. It is the oldest standing house in Washington, DC.

What is the name of the oldest government building of the us?

The Palace of the Governors.

Where is NZ's oldest stone building placed?

The Kerikeri Mission Station is home to New Zealand's oldest standing European buildings: the Stone Store and Kerikeri Mission House (Kemp House).

What is the oldest building in Yorkshire?

The oldest independant 'standing' structure is Ripon Cathedral in Ripon, North Yorkshire and has been there since 672 AD. But recently archaelogists discovered the ruins of a 11-foot wide circular building near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, from about 8,500 BC

Where is the oldest courthouse in the US located?

King William County, Virginia, has the oldest active courthouse. It was built in 1725. Queenstown, Maryland, has the oldest courthouse still standing. It was built in 1708. It is now a museum.

What is the oldest building in downtown Chicago?

Fisher Building. Is this oldest 18 story or greater building in downtown Chicago, possibly the oldest period, but the oldest that is that height or greater for sure.

Why is the Government house on Australian Money?

Government House is Australia's oldest standing building. It is a reminder of Australia's convict past, and therefore it is fitting for it to be on Australia's currency.

What are the oldest buildings in Australia and are they demolished?

Australia's two oldest buildings which are still standing are in Parramatta, New South Wales.Government House is Australia's oldest public building, and the first part of it was constructed in 1799.Elizabeth Farm is Australia's oldest private building, and was where John Macarthur lived. He is considered to be the pioneer of Australia's wool industry. Elizabeth Farm was named after Macarthur's wife, and was built in 1793.