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it allows state residents to make decisions on local issues (apex)

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It allows State residents to make decisions on local issues

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Which of the powers are specifically written in the constitution giving the Federal Government authority?

Expressed Powers

What powers are specifically written in the Constitution giving the Federal Government authority?

expressed powers

What are enumerated powers?

Enumerated powers are the powers explicitly granted to congress by the Constitution. powers that are specifically mentioned, or listed, in the Constitution

How does the constitution limit the powers of the government?

The Constitution limits the power of government by specifically listing powers it does and does not have.

What powers does Constitution explicitly give to the Federal government?

The powers the Constitution explicitly gave to the federal government are known as delegated powers.

What is the meaning of expressed power?

Expressed powers are those powers directly stated in the Constitution. Most of those powers are found in the first three articles of the Constitution. Examples are the power to levy and collect taxes, to coin money, to declare war, and to regulate commerce among the states. Expressed powers are also known as enumerated (listed) powers.

Does the constitution gives the government unlimited power?

No, the constitution does not give unlimited power, in fact it gives only limited powers to the government. There are 3 types of powers: Expressed, Implied, and Reserved. Expressed Powers - powers for the Federal government that are not specifically stated in the Constitution. Implied Powers - powers for the federal government that are actually written down in the constitution. Reserved Powers - powers given to state government (basically the left-over powers that the Federal government isn't in charge of.)

What is considered to be the Supreme Law of the Land giving the US Federal government power over state and local governments?

The powers of the Federal government delineated in the US Constitution, give the federal government its duty to enforce Federal laws granted to it by the Constitution. If the powers not mentioned to belong to the Federal government, are left to the States.

How is federalism embodied in the constitution?

Federalism is never explicitly stated but it is embedded in the US constitution. As a result, power is kept in the states.

Where does the branch of government get their powers from?

The Constitution

The constitution grants these powers to the national government?

Delegated Powers

How does the constitution reflect principle of limited government?

The government only has the powers given to it by the Constitution.