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Q: What is one example of the 23rd amendment?
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How did the 23rd amendment change the repeal against alcohol?

The 23rd amendment had nothing to do with alcohol.

What amendment called for the president and vice president to be elected on one ticket?

The 23rd amendment, also known as the Bill of Adjoinment.

This Amendment gave the District of Columbia the right to vote for President?

Such is the 23rd amendment to the constitution. It was passed by Congress and ratified by 3/4 of the states.

What does the 23rd state?

The 23rd amendment gave citizens in the District of Clumbia the right to vote.

Did the 23rd amendment face opposition?


What did the 23rd amendment give the District of Columbia?

The 23rd Amendment gave the District of Columbia the right to vote for the President. It was Ratified March 29, 1961.

What rights does the 23rd amendment give you?

The 23rd amendment permitted Washington DC to choose electors for President and Vice PresidentTHIS IS NOT THE ANSWER...I GOT IT WRONG ON MY PAPER AFTER USING THIS !!

Which amendment allowed Washington DC to have a minimum number of electoral votes?

The 23rd Amendment.

Who is affected by 23rd amendment?

Residents on Washington D.C.

What amendment gives residents of DC the right to vote?

The 23rd amendment gave Washington, D.C. the right to vote for electors, who cast votes for the president and vice president in the electoral college. Prior to that they could not vote for the president and vice president since Washington, D.C. is not a state.

Which amendment gives residents of Washington D.C. The right to vote?

The Twenty Third.

When was the 23rd amendment passed?

i dont know but i do know that the amendment is xxlll suffrage for district of columbia