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The US Government expects certain responsibilities form the US citizen in return of the citizenship status. Among the responsibilities, the most important is filing in the taxes regularly. They should file in taxes for the income that they earn even while residing out of the US.

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One of the most important responsibilities of a U.S. Citizen is helping to choose our elected officials. We do this by voting in federal, state and local elections.

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The one responsibility of a U.S. citizen is to vote.

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Q: What is one responsibility of a US citizen?
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What are the responsibilies of a US Citizen?

A US citizen should abide by the laws of the country and respect its principles, Constitution and founding fathers. The main responsibility would be to rise to protect the country at any situation. Voting in the elections is one direct form of showing the duty and responsibility of a USC.

What is a citizen's duty and a citizen's responsibility?


You are child of US citizen living in US how can you be US citizen?

You are born one .

Is a child born overseas to one us citizen parent and one non-citizen parent a citizen?

Do you mean to ask if the child is a US citizen? Depends on how long the US citizen parent has been resident in the US. Need five years after age 14 to qualify.

Is the child born out of the US to two us citizend not on official business a citizen?

If one or more of the parents is a US citizen, the child is a US citizen, regardless of where they are born.

What is the corresponding responsibility to the constitution having the right to bear arnms?

The responsibility of the citizen that owns the gun needs to respect it and not go out and commit a crime with it. Also, it is the citizen's responsibility to legally register the gun.

Does one US citizen parent make offspring natural born citizen?

no- the key thing is to be born in US territory and so be a citizen by birth.

What people had rights and responsibility in Greek city state?

it was to be a philosipher and to be a good citizen

In what way can a person become a citizen of the US?

One may become a US citizen by getting a "Green Card".

For almost every right a citizen has?

For almost every right a citizen has, there is a corresponding responsibility.

What are a US citizen's responsibility?

voting obeying the laws defending the nation jury duty serving the community and being informed i bet there is more

Why voting considered to be major responsibility of a us citizen?

well people if you vote you get free ice cream and if you vote for Obama you get free puppies