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The legislative branch (Congress) approves the executive's (President's) proposals or come up with their own policy for money use. An example is the federal budget which Congress passes and acts on tax and spending legislation.

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The most important way the executive branch (ie the President) is through the budget proposal that he sends to Congress. Although Congress has the last word, most of them want to buy votes by spending, so any fiscal restraint must come from the President. Congress is very unlikely to propose any tax increases unless the President pushes for them and they hate to cut any program that has any lobbyists working on its behalf.

The executive branch controls the spending and distribution of the money that Congress appropriates, as well as the collection of taxes and issuing of bonds to borrow money. The president appoints the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, who controls the money supply.

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Budget proposals; program proposals

Veto power; may refuse to spend

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One of the most significant ways the executive branch influences fiscal policy is by creating and then proposing a budget. Every President has several policies they wish to have implemented.

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Q: What is one way the executive branch influences fiscal policy?
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Describe One significant way the executive branch influences fiscal policy?

Proposing a budget is one significant way the executive branch is able to influence fiscal policy. The president also has the advantage of a bully pulpit, to try to influence public opinion.

When government spending and taxation influences the economy it is called?

it is known as fiscal policy

What branch carries out laws and directs foreign policy and national defense?

Executive Branch

What branch handles foreign policy?

The executive branch of the United States government has the most responsibility for handling foreign policy. The executive branch consists of the president, Cabinet, and independent agencies.

Which branches of the US government carry out and design fiscal policy?

The Executive and Legislative branches

Executive checks and balances?

The Executive Branch of government has more power over foreign policy than over domestic policy.

Who helps the president in decision and policy making?

the executive branch

Which action is the responsibility of the executive branch in creating a policy?

formulating the initial idea for the policy

What is the purpose of the executive department?

The First Congress created departments in the executive branch for different areas of national policy.

What branch conducts foreign policies?

The U.S. Secretary of State is the foreign minister and the official charged with conducting foreign policy. However, the President of the United States has the final authority on foreign policies. Each country outside of the US, conduct their own foreign policy with cabinet members or country leader having the final say so.

Fiscal policy and its objectives?

fiscal policy OBJ. in relation to taxation policy and expenditure policy

Which of the following is included in the foreign policy bureaucracy in the executive branch?

the state department