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what is participating to domocratic life mean what is participating to domocratic life mean

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Q: What is participating in democratic life mean?
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What is democratic relationship?

a democratic relationship is one that each person is participating equally....

What is a democratic relationship?

a democratic relationship is one that each person is participating equally....

What kind of government was Socrates from?

Socrates was from ancient Athens, which was a city-state known for its democratic government. He lived during a time when Athens was experimenting with democracy and participating in civic life was important for its citizens.

How can people participate in the law-making process as well as upholding their democratic values?

Participating in the law-making process is explicitly a democratic endeavor, probably the most central one.

Who had democratic values Athens or Sparta?

Athens was known for its democratic values, with citizens participating in decision-making through a direct democracy. Sparta, on the other hand, had a more militaristic and oligarchic system of government, with less emphasis on democratic principles.

What does whole life insurance mean?

Whole life insurance, as the name implies, is insurance which provides coverage for the policyholder's entire lifetime. Whole life policies can be divided into two categories: participating and non-participating. Both policies provide level premiums, lifetime protection and a guaranteed cash value-but participating whole life plans pay an annual dividend. The annual dividend is NOT guaranteed, and in most instances is linked to long-term interest rates as well as the insurance company's performance. If you have an existing participating whole life policy which was purchased in a high interest environment, it is a good idea to request an updated policy illustration-the projected values may have changed dramatically. Most participating whole life policies have multiple dividend options.

What are the disadvantages to having a Participating life insurance?

Participating whole life will have significantly higher premiums required than both term life insurance and universal life insurance (permanent coverage) that features a no-lapse guarantee.

What type of an insurer issues participating policies?

A participating life insurance policy is one that pays a dividend to the owner. Mutual life insurance companies offer participating life insurance policies as the policyholders share in the profits of the insurance company since the policy owners are the owners of the company.

What does a solid mean?

A dependable, participating , well , nice citizen

What does gender diversity mean?

The proportion of the sexes participating in something.

What does citiznship mean?

Citizenship is the status of being a member of a particular country, with associated rights and responsibilities. It typically involves identifying with a nation, participating in its civic life, and obeying its laws.

What are the types of whole life assurance policies?

There are seven different types of whole life assurance policies. These whole life assurance policies include non-participating, participating, indeterminate premium, economic, limited pay, single premium, and interest sensitive.