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He was being charged for attempted murder, and destruction of property.

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Q: What is peter being convicted for in cue for treason?
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What are problems facing peter when he tries to save the queen in cue for treason?

Peter who? Which queen? What are you talking about?

Why does kit want to go along with tom and peter in Cue for Treason?

because she has feelings for peter

How old is peter brownrigg in cue for treason?

peter is 14 years old, it says on wikipedia

What makes the character Peter a hero in Cue For Treason?

cause he saves the queen

What is the setting of cue for treason?

Peter's hometown is a small inlet outside of Keswick.

What is a good description of peter from cue for treason?

THX @Wiki User!

Who wrote cue for treason?

Geoffrey Trease wrote Cue for Treason.

Who is anthony duncan from cue for treason?

He is one of Sir Philips Conspirators and he the one who is the kindest to peter... while he was watching ( Being his jailer) peter was able to escape. Your Welcome

Who are Peter Brownrigg's siblings in Cue for treasn?

Peter Brownrigg's siblings in "Cue for Treason" are Tom and Ellen. Tom is his older brother and Ellen is his younger sister.

Who is a red head in Cue for treason?

The red-headed character in the novel "Cue for Treason" is Peter Brownrigg, the protagonist. He is a young actor who becomes entangled in espionage during the Elizabethan era in England.

Who is redhead in cue for treason?

The redhead in the novel "Cue for Treason" is Sir Philip Morton's daughter, Mary. She plays a significant role in the story as a friend and ally to the main characters, Peter and Kit.

Who is tom in cue for treason?

In "Cue for Treason" by Geoffrey Trease, Tom is a young boy who helps the protagonist, Peter Brownrigg, escape after he is falsely accused of a crime. Tom is a loyal friend to Peter and plays a significant role in aiding him throughout the story.