What is plural of breath?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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According to Oxford Dictionary On-line the plural is breath.

The reasoning being that breath can be used in the plural and the singular as it is an uncountable noun.

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Q: What is plural of breath?
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How do you spell the plural of breath?

The plural of "breath" is "breaths." The verb is to breathe.

How would you spell breathe in its plural form?

The plural form for breath is breaths.The word 'breathes' is the third person singular present of breathe (breaths, breathing, breathed).

What small air sacs is in your lungs?

small air sacs in your lungs are alveoli (plural) they are where the air you breath in is stored

Is the word animalia origin Latin or Greek?

Animalia is the plural of the Latin word animal. It comes from anima, which originally meant "breath".

What is the plural possessive for pants?

The plural form of the noun pant (a short quick breath) is pants.The plural possessive form is pants'.Example: His pants' quickness told me that he had run far.The noun pants (a garment) is a shortened form of a pair of pants.The plural form is pairs of pants. The plural possessive form is pairs of pants'.Example: These pants' prices are out of my range.

How do you spell breaths?

That is the correct spelling for the plural of breath, "breaths."The verb form is breathe or breathes.The term for "multiple widths" is spelled breadths.

Can't breath in spanish?

Poder respirar = to be able to breathe. 'respirar' stays the same, but: I can't = no puedo.... you (informal, singular) can't = no puedes... you(formal, singular)/he/she can't = no puede.... we can't = no podemos.... you (informal, plural) can't = no podeis.... you (formal, plural)/they can't = no pueden....

What is the plural form of spring?

The possessive form of the singular noun spring is spring's.Examples:The spring's water comes from deep underground.We're looking forward to a breath of spring's air.The spring's coil tore right through the cushion.

How do praying mantis obtain oxygen?

breath in breath out breath in breath out

How to breath?


What is harder to catch the faster you run (joke)?

your breath 🤣😂

What is the abstract noun for the verb breathe?

There is no abstract noun forms for the verb to breathe. The noun forms of the verb to breathe are breather, breath, and the gerund, breathing; all concrete nouns for a physical thing or a physical action. The concrete noun 'breath' is sometimes used in an abstract context, for example: Her personality is like a breath of fresh air.