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Q: What is popular representation regarding the constitution?
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What statement regarding article v of the constitution is true?

no state can be denied equal representation in the senate

Where in the Constitution can I find proportional representation?

Its not in the Constitution because its not gauranteed.

When was Party of Popular Representation created?

Party of Popular Representation was created in 1945.

When did the Connecticut compromise happen?

The Connecticut Compromise was reached at the Constitutional Convention that took place in 1787. It was a compromise regarding the representation each state was entitled to under the US Constitution.

The constitution provides for representation by a?


What is the aftermath of the Connecticut Plan?

The Connecticut Plan led to further issues regarding popular representation in the House. This plan eventually led to the famous Three-Fifths Compromise.

What was a popular protest cry by the colonists?

no taxation, without representation representation

What is mode of representation of the US Constitution?

To be honest I am faded

What is true regarding the Preamble to the constitution of the sasds?

it explains why the constitution was written

The constitution provides for representation by what legislature?

Bicameral Legislature...novadouche

What state called equal representation in the constitution?

New Jersey.

The Great Compromise was a result of arguments regarding which issue?

states' representation in congress