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The Malthus theory was developed by Robert Thomas Malthus. Malthus used mathematical means to suggests that over a period of time, the earthâ??s population would come to overpower the resources that will be left in the world.

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Q: What is post malthus theory?
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Strengths in Malthus's demographic theory?

One strength of Malthus's demographic theory is its focus on the relationship between population growth and available resources, highlighting the potential for environmental constraints on human populations. Additionally, it provides a framework for understanding the imbalance that can occur between population increase and food supply, leading to discussions on sustainability and resource management.

What did Thomas Malthus do?

Thomas Malthus was an English economist and demographer who is best known for his theory on population growth called the Malthusian theory. He argued that population tends to grow faster than the food supply, leading to poverty and societal problems. His work had a significant impact on the fields of economics, sociology, and environmental studies.

Darwin realized that the economist Malthus's theory of population control?

Darwin realized that Malthus's theory of population control could be generalized to any population of organisms.

Explain the correlation between Darwin's theory of natural selection and malthus' idea divine institution?

explain the correlation between Darwin's theory and Malthus' idea

What scientist contributed to evolutionary theory theory through the study of populations and survival?


Who constructed a theory that focused on population size?

Thomas Malthus

Whose theory focused on population size?

Thomas Malthus!

Who came up with the theory about populations and resources?

Thomas Malthus

What is malthus theory on evolution?

I'm not sure Thomas Malthus had any theory pertaining to "evolution," strictly. Malthus was rather the prophet of "overpopulation." He put forward the idea that, if human populations kept reproducing, eventually we would crowd the world and create an ecological disaster.

Would Darwin have developed his theory of evolution if he had not read the works of Lyell and Malthus?

He might not of if Malthus had not been around but he depended on the works of Lyell.

What was Thomas Malthus' minimum wage theory?

The Iron Law Of Wages

How is Thomas Malthus important to economics?

He was a scientist who explained the malthusian theory