What is pre-writting?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Prewriting is everything done before writing.

Good writers plan out what they're going to say before they put it down on paper, or try to develop an idea as much as possible before they write on the subject.

Some examples are:

The outline:




ii.subsubtopic 2


2.Topic 2)

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Pre-writing is the second and longest step of the writing process. What you do is the following:

1. think about your topic; what can you write?

2. use words, ideas, or pictures to describe your topic

3. find a purpose; why are you writing this?

4. decide your audience; Friends, teachers, parents, normally you would be more serious if you were writng to someone of higher authority, such as a teacher, a Dean, or the president some research about your topic to find background information about your topic

5. organize your ideas into categories

6. make a plan for your writing

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It is the first step in the writing process that allows you to collect ideas and establish the topic.

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Q: What is pre-writting?
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Is part of the writing process when writing an essay?


What is the purpose of the prewritting?

The purpose of prewriting is to organize your thoughts and plans.

What is the purpose of cubing during the prewritting stage?

to collect details

What are the four main steps to writing an effective personal statement?

prompt, prewritting, drafting and ____

Why is it important to identify feelings when prewritting for a memoir?

Memoirs are more about feelings than other types of writing are.

Why is it helpful to identify feelings as part of prewritting for a memoir?

Memoirs are more about feelings than other types of writing.

What is the purpose of prewritting in the writing process?

One important purpose of pre-writing in the writing process is to help with brainstorming for ideas. Another purpose is to help clarify and edit to make the final draft more presentable.

What is the difference between the first and second phrases of the prewritting process?

During the first phase of the prewriting process, you generate ideas and gather information on the topic. In the second phase, you start organizing these ideas into a coherent structure, creating an outline or a plan for your writing.

Name and explain 2 types of prewritting?

Two types of prewriting are: freewriting and researching. When freewriting you write any and every idea that comes to mind when prewriting researching is another name for prewriting you get information from outside sources.

Which do writters do in the prewritting step?

The pre-writing step is commonly known as a draft. A writer would often edit, many times change and rewrite the draft, until a final manuscript suitable for presentation to a publisher was the next to final result. I say next final result because the publisher may want the author to make changes - which is hopefully the last hurdle an author needs to overcome before the authors work appears in print in book form.