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relating to, or being a society or an economic system that is not or has not yet become industrialized.

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Q: What is pre industrial families?
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What is the difference between the pre-industrial family and the industrial family?

Pre-industrial families had very little technology and machines to help them with labour. while industrial families has help with everyday life thanks to technology and machines. In other words pre-industrial families had it harder because they did it all themselves, while the industrial family does less work thanks to the help from modern technology.

In pre-industrial families children were needed economically what percentageof tem reached adulthood?

50 %

How the role of teacher has changed fom pre-industrial to the industrial society?

How the role of teacher has changed fom pre-industrial to the industrial society?Read more:How_the_role_of_teacher_has_changed_fom_pre-industrial_to_the_industrial_society

Was the extended family dominant in pre-industrial society?

yes, as larger families carried out functional roles and kinship was crucial. However, following the industrial revolution, there was a decline in the extended family due to infrastructure, social mobility and paid work.

What countries have a pre-industrial economy?

What country is pre industrilised

How the role of a teacher changed from the pre industrial society to industrial society?


What factor contributed most to englands industrial success?

A strong pre-industrial economy.

What years were the pre-industrial period?

Pretty much before the 19th century and industrial revolution.

What was pre industrial revolution like?

It had an agrarian economy.

Why weren't there extended families in the industrial civilaztion?

There were extended families in industrial civilization. However, in the last hundred years or so, they have became more spread out, gegraphically, and had less direct impact on their members.

Group most affected by the new industrial age?

women and families

Where were the samurai located in Japan?

samurai were the military of pre-industrial japan