What is propaganga?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Exaggerated information put out by the government to put them in a positive light.

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Q: What is propaganga?
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What did hitler do to have so much control over germany?

So that he could take revenge on the allies for the loose of ww1 and to elminate the jews

What was American reaction to the world war 2?

They didn't want to enter the war and they made propaganga to get their opinion out and say they don't won't it.They didn't want to enter the war and they made propaganga to get their opinion out and say they don't won't it.

Why is it that although ancient Ireland has so much documented history that so few people including Irish people know about it?

Propaganga is the answer to that question my dear cousin.AnswerBecause the government of Britain who run northern Ireland cover it up and only tell you what they want you to know. AnswerBecause working class stiffs don't read 17th century books on anything. Apart from that, teaching history seems to be dying out in Irish schools and that may not be a bad thing, given that much of it was propaganda anyway. Anybody who is interested in Irish history can read all they want online. There are masses of history sites. Hope the British government doesn't find out. :) AnswerLads the British government is not going to stop people in 2006 from reading about Irish history AnswerIrish people are not that uneducated!!!!!!! And also, the British government doesn't control Ireland anymore!!! It's not some kind of conspiracy! Honestly, where did you get that? Also"working class stiffs". A bit racist, there, sweetheart!!!! If anything, Irish history isn't known about because nobody cares because they have to do eleven other subjects. This is 2008!!! Seriously people!!! Irish history isn't very interesting anyway. It's all famine, scratchy wool, tuatha na Rí, emigration and Celtic traditions. Which are actually pretty cool. But Irish is a huge section in our history education. Most people drop it after the Junior Cert. though. "Propaganda"????? Nobody bears a grudge against Britain and all that Norhern Ireland stuff is way better, so be informed before you answer the question.

How did Hitler change Germany from democracy to dictatorship?

not a gud site../