What is radical profiling?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Racial profiling is an assumption of criminality just by a race or ethnic group. Can also be referred to as the alleged policy of some police to stop and question certain ethnic groups or races without probable cause.

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Q: What is radical profiling?
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Is racial profiling similar to pschological profiling?

no racail profiling is based soley on their age and the color of their skin

What is protein profiling?

protein profiling using 2d gel electrophorosis

What is the difference between legal profiling and illegal racial profiling?

Legal profiling involves using factors like behavior or location to guide investigative decisions, while illegal racial profiling involves targeting individuals based solely on their race or ethnicity. Legal profiling is based on objective criteria and reasonable suspicion, whereas illegal racial profiling is discriminatory and violates civil rights.

What is reprofiling?

Reprofilling is not a word but profiling is. Profiling is like, the side of something , the (profile) of something.

What caused racial profiling?

Deep seated racist attitudes and misconceptions cause racial profiling

Give three original examples of racial profiling?

When police officers pullover more minorities, that is racial profiling. Clerks that follow minorities around in the store are racial profiling. Another instance of racial profiling is when individuals try to change the incomes of NBA players.

Is racial profiling legal?

In many states in the U.S. racial profiling is legal and used by law enforcement officials. Racial profiling is a highly debated topic with supporters who agree with it and many who do not.

Do Profiling beds cause entrapment?

I would think that profiling only beds might be a little racist...

Is profiling illegal?


Who is the patron saint of criminal profiling?

There is no official patron saint of criminal profiling recognized by the Catholic Church. However, some people may turn to St. Michael the Archangel, who is considered the patron saint of law enforcement officers, for protection and guidance in criminal profiling work.

What are some challenges to traditional?


Are profiling and criminal justice the same?