What is raja?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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"Raja" is the Hindu word for "King"

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Q: What is raja?
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What was the name of kingdom of raja dashrath?


Who wrote under the pen name of Brahma?

Raja Birbal (1528-1583) was a poor Hindu Brahmin who was appointed to the court of Akbar for his intelligence, and became the court jester. Born by the name Maheshdas, he was conferred the name Raja Birbal by the Emperor. Birbal's duties in Akbar's court were mostly military and administrative but he was also a very close friend of the emperor, who liked Birbal most for his wit and humor. There are many witty stories of exchanges and interactions between the monarch and his minister that are popular today. Birbal was also a poet and his collections under the pen name "Brahma" are preserved in Bharatpur Museum. Raja Birbal died in battle, attempting to quell unrest amongst Afghani tribes in Northwest India.

Is badgujar community is rajput community?

The Badgurjar or Raghav is one of the most ancient Suryvanshi Rajput tribes of India. They are among the most revered rajputs of ancient India. The Badgurjar, or the "Great Gurjars", are not to be confused with the common place shudra gujjars as the former are the authentic rulers and the people whom they conquered were labeled as gujjar. They constituted the main force in Haraval Tukdi or the first line of offence in any battle. The Badgujars chose to die rather than to submit to the supremacy of the Muslim kings. Many bargujars were put to death for not giving their daughters to Muslim rulers. Some Badgujars changed their clan name to Sikarwar to escape mass genocide carried out against them. A colony found refuge in present day Anupshahar, which was founded by Raja Anup Singh Bargujar, the eldest son of Raja Pratap Singh Bardbujjar. They built numerous monuments, including the famous Nilkanth temple now in the Sariska Tiger Reserve; the fort and Neelkanth Mahadev Temple at Kalinjar being Shiva Worshipers; the Amber Fort, many other palaces and forts at Alwar, Machari, Sawai Madhopur; and the fort of Dausa. Neelkanth was the old capital of the Bargujar tribe, its old name is Rajor or Rajor Garh. One of their famous kings was Raja Pratap Singh Bargujar, who was Prithviraj Chauhan's nephew and assisted in his fight against the Muslim invaders, who were led by Muhammad of Ghor in 1191. They also fought on the side of Rana Pratap) of Mewar and Maharana Hammir as their generals. One of them, Raja Nune Shah Bardbujjar of the Samthar state, fought with the British and pushed back their forces many times but later signed a peace treaty with the British in 1817. The Badgurjars are not to be confused with the Hepthalites, or Huns, as they came only towards the 6th century. One branch of Bardbujjars, Raja Bagh Singh Bargujar was the founder of 'Rajor' their ancient capital in Vikrami Samvat 202 which corresponds to A.D.145, the difference being 57 years. The place was also referred to as 'Baghola'. He also built a lake near Sileser Lake in the same year and when it was dug up red water flowed from it, which was called Kanganoon.

Who was killed by dashrath in ramayan?

Sharavan Kumar was killed by Raja Dashrath when he (Sharavan) was collectingwater for his blind parents. Dashrath shot a Shabd Bhedi Vaan by mistake consideringthe sound made by Shravan as that of an animal. In his grief, the old father cursed the king that he too would one day suffer putrasoka (grief of separation from one's progeny) just like they were suffering. The old couple then gave up their lives, not wanting to live after consuming water offered by their son's killer.Ketan Tiwari

What are the major political events in 2011?

Significant events that happened in the year 2012:February 6: marks the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth the second on the throne.February 16: A prison fire in Honduras kills 360 people.February 11- Whitney Huston dies.April 7: Mike Wallace dies.April 22: French elections taking place.April 26: the former president of Libya Charles Taylor was found guilty of 11 counts of aiding war crimes against humanity in the Sierra Leone Civil War.May 17: Donna Summer dies.Before July: Egyptian Election.July 27- August 12 the summer Olympics are scheduled to take place in London.Nov. 6: U.S Election: President Obama was re-elected.Dec. 21: The World did NOT End in 2012. Hooray!

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When did Raja Raja Chola I die?

Raja Raja Chola I died in 1014.

Where is the birth place of Raja Raja Cholan?

Raja Raja Chola was born in Thirukoilur.

When did C. Raja Raja Varma die?

C. Raja Raja Varma died in 1933.

When did A. R. Raja Raja Varma die?

A. R. Raja Raja Varma died in 1918.

When was Raja Uda Raja Muhammad born?

Raja Uda Raja Muhammad was born in 1894.

Where is the burial place of raja raja cholan?

Udaiyalur is the burial place of Raja Raja Cholan.

When was A. R. Raja Raja Varma born?

A. R. Raja Raja Varma was born in 1863.

When did Kilimanoor Raja Raja Varma Koithampuran die?

Kilimanoor Raja Raja Varma Koithampuran died in 1845.

When did Raja Uda Raja Muhammad die?

Raja Uda Raja Muhammad died on 1976-10-17.

What actors and actresses appeared in Raja Nanna Raja - 1976?

The cast of Raja Nanna Raja - 1976 includes: Arathi Balkrishna

When was Raja Azlan Shah Raja So'ib born?

Raja Azlan Shah Raja So'ib was born on 1968-11-10.

What is a sentence with the word raja?

"Raja" can also be spelled as "rajah". The raja will soon be here!