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A referendum initiative is when the entire populace of a certain are is asked for a direct vote on a proposal. As opposed to having just the elected officials voting on passing a law (senate and house of Reps).

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Q: What is referendum initiative?
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Which procedure gives citizens of some states more influence over their government?

the initiative,the referendum and the recall.

The initiative and the referendum are actions that can be taken by the?

the voters!

How did initiative referendum and recall change democracy in the United states?

The initiative referendum and recall did change democracy in the United States as it made leaders more accountable.

Who political reform gave people power to approve or reject laws passed by a legislature?


Who introduced initiative referendum and recall?

2010 Actually it was 1900

Did Progressives support referendum as measures to democratize the government?

The initiative The Referendum The Party Primary The popular election of senators

What is the different between initiative and referendum?

In an initiative, citizens or non-government groups gather petition signatures for a proposed new law to be placed on the ballot. The citizens vote on the initiative, and if it passes, it becomes a law even without the legislature or the governor voting on it. A referendum is a citizen action to repeal a law passed by the legislature. Not all states allow initiative and referendum. California, for example, does.

What long-term impacts did progressives have on America?

the initiative,referendum and recall.

What three reforms did William Ren promote?

the referendum, initiative and, the recall

Initiative referendum and recall are limited in Texas to?

Home rule cities.

What were two political innovations that Oregon introduced in 1902?

the initiative and referendum

Which is not a process of direct democracy initiative impeachment recall referendum?