What is responcibility?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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what is responcibility

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Q: What is responcibility?
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What aspects of citizenship cannot be enforced by law?

a responcibility

What are some symbols that show commitment and responcibility?

wedding rings

Can you explain the characteristics of due process?

kind,fairness,and responcibility

What do you mean by local optimization?

i am to optimize very help full job and responcibility

What was Ramses ll responcibility?

i am ramses i made a time traveler. is so cool. want to have it for 100000000000 dollrs

If you are getting married are you expected to invite your boss and his or her family over for dinner?

No, your boss is the one that should invite you and your future spouse. In general, socializing with employees is the employer's responcibility.

What are the achievements of a sports captain?

the achievements of a sports captin is to have people to look up at you and want to follow you. you get major responcibility in being a captain you are the highest and most dependent on your team.

Babysitting at the age of 10 years old?

At ten years old you shouldn't be put in that position. Its way too much responcibility for a 10yr old and what would happen if something went wrong?

If a trucking company files bankruptcy and you are leasing a truck from them what is your responsibility to the company?

If your thinking you no longer have to make payments, your wrong. Your responcibility to the company is the exact same, it doesn't change because they filed for bankruptcy.

Teenage moms that have no baby father?

1st: they have 2 haave a baby father 2 get pregnet 2nd:someone will avenyuly help tyhem trake care of their baby because theres always a nother man that has more responcibility

How old should you be to look after a degu?

You should be atleast 6 years old. You can be older but you have to have responcibility over your pet. The degu is like a large hamster, some are vicious and some are friendly. i would recomend a degu as a pet.

How does a sister gain gaurdianship over her younger sister?

If she happens to be older than you yes she does. it becomes her responcibility to make sure your safe. but if she the power starts going to her head and she starts using you then tell your parents what she is doing and she would be officially busted. by mnm