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60 years.

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Q: What is retirement age in government of pondicherry?
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Which best describes a situation where the goal growth is being pursued?

A company opens a new factory and employs more workers k12 (: The government establishes a retirement program for its citizens. -APEX

What policies did Otto von Bismarck implement domestically?

He was one of the first proponents of a stated retirement age. He chose the age of 65. Interestingly enough, the average life span during his time would not have impacted that age because people did not live that long.

How old must a US Supreme Court Justice be in order to retire after 10 years on the bench?

AnswerIf a justice has only ten years federal judicial service, he or she must be at least 70 years old to retire with full pension.ExplanationCongress first offered retirement benefits for Supreme Court justices in the Judiciary Act of 1869. At the time, justices age 70 or older who had served 10 years or more in the federal judiciary, were granted their existing salary as a pension on retirement.In 1954, Congress changed this provision to allow retirement at age 65, with 15 years or more of service.In 1984, the retirement rules for Supreme Court justices were relaxed to require a minimum 10 years of service, but to allow retirement with full pension at any age, as long as the justice's age and years of service, combined, total 80 or more. If a justice has only ten years federal judicial service, he or she must be at least 70 years old to retire with full benefits.

What is the maximum age limit for US Supreme Court justices?

There are currently no age requirements mandating retirement of Supreme Court justices, although Congress has entertained legislation hoping to encourage earlier retirement in the past. Their efforts are hampered by a constitutional provision of Article III that says justices shall "hold their offices during good behavior," which prevents Congress from mandating retirement unless the justice becomes mentally incapacitated. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., served on the Court until he was 90 years old; Justice John Paul Stevens, an incumbent on the Court, turned 90 in April 2010. Some states require their supreme court justices retire at a certain age, which varies by state.

What is 8000 BC Government history?

A form of un-democratical government. formed by the village members, not voted upon, rather by age and wisdom.

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Is Indian government servant retirement age 62years or 65years?

The retirement age for most Indian government servants is 60 years. However, in certain cases, the retirement age may be extended to 62 years. The retirement age of 65 years is not generally applicable to government servants in India.

What will be the retirement age of central government employees?

In India it is 60 yrs

What is the retirement age for a government employee?

It depends which government you are referring to and what position they hold. For instance, a judge may hold that position for life in certain countries. Some countries insist that retirement age is 55, others differ.

Have you ever attended an retirement planning seminar?

As I am not of an age or anywhere near an age of retirement and will not be able to do so until I am 70 which is the age the government is pushing for, I have not been nor will i likely ever need to go to one.

What is the retirement age for a choir director?

There is no set retirement age for a choir director as it varies depending on individual circumstances and country-specific regulations. In many places, retirement age is determined by government policies, employment contracts, or personal choice.

What has the author Chris Phillipson written?

Chris. Phillipson has written: 'Transitions from Work to Retirement' -- subject(s): Employment, Age and employment, Retirement, Government policy, Older people 'Capitalism and the construction of old age' -- subject(s): Older people, Social conditions, Economic conditions, Retirement, Government policy

Is retirement age for women is sixty five or sixty six?

I just want to know what age I must be to retire and get full social security benefits The age of retirement varies now according to your age. The Social Security website lists the new ages. If you were born between 1943 and 1954, it's age 66.

Is there any latest GR of government of maharashtra regarding retirement age of college teachers?

i have heard that there is 60 year for retirement age of senior college teachers as per new gr. of govt.of maharashtra

French settlement in southeastern india during the age of imperialism?


What is French settlement in southeastern India during the age of imperialism?


When does the retirement age for a pension go up?

The retirement age for a pension may go up based on changes in legislation, government policy, or the pension plan itself. Factors such as increased life expectancy, financial sustainability of pension funds, and shifting demographics may also influence a decision to raise the retirement age. It's important to stay informed about any adjustments to retirement age requirements to ensure proper planning for retirement.

What is aged pension?

The aged pension is a social security benefit provided by the government to help eligible older individuals meet their basic needs in retirement. It is often based on factors such as age, income, assets, and residency status.