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Q: What is rosalynn carter favorite color?
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What color is Rosalynn Carter's hair?

redish blackish

What is the birth name of Rosalynn Carter?

Rosalynn Carter's birth name is Smith, Eleanor Rosalynn.

What is Rosalynn Carter's birthday?

Rosalynn Carter was born on August 18, 1927.

When was Rosalynn Carter born?

Rosalynn Carter was born on August 18, 1927.

Where was Rosalynn Carter born?

Rosalynn Carter was born in Plains, Georgia, United States.

What did rosalynn Carter do?

Rosalynn Carter is best known for improving services for the mentally ill.

What is one fact about Eleanor Rosalyn Smith Carter life?

HERE ARE 3 FACTS ABOUT ROSALYNN SMITH CARTER!!!1] Rosalynn Smith Carter was born on August 18, 19272] Rosalynn Smith Carter is married to the 39th president of the United States of America {Jimmy Carter}3] Rosalynn Smith Carter's dad died when she was only 13 years oldand thats my 3 facts about Rosalynn Smith Carter!!!!oh! and her REAL name is Eleanor Rosalynn Smith Carter!!!!!make that my 4facts about Rosalynn Smith Carter!

Who did Carter marry?

Rosalynn Smith Carter

How old is Rosalynn Carter?

Rosalynn Carter is 89 years old (birthdate: August 18, 1927).

How old was Rosalynn Carter when she died?

As of January 2012, Rosalynn Carter is currently still alive.

What is Jimmy Carter's ex-president wife's name?

Rosalynn Carter / Eleanor Rosalynn Smith born August 18, 1927 was the wife of the former President of the United States Jimmy Carter and in that capacity served as the First Lady of the United States from 1977 to 1981

Which president's wife name was Rosalynn?

Jimmy Carter's wife IS Rosalynn.