What is scolars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No such thing.

Scalar quantities are values that have size but not direction such as mass or speed (as opposed to velocity which includes the direction of travel).

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Q: What is scolars?
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What are the types of measurement?

Vectors and Scolars Vectors: have an magnitude and a direction Scolars: have an magnitude but have no direction

What are the two types of measurements?

Vectors and Scolars Vectors: have an magnitude and a direction Scolars: have an magnitude but have no direction

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Cause- Johann tetzel was selling indulgences so he took a public stand against him. Effect- Scolars copied his words and took them to printer so he became known throughout Germany,.

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Greece is a highly mountainous region. As such it was difficult for people from different regions to trade, mingle and battle with each other. This had the effect that principles and characteristics of the various regions were quiet diverse. For example Spartans were warriors, Atenians were scolars etc.

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How many people want euthanasia in Canada?

The application of euthansia for a person is totally disagreeable. Because it may be used for revenge ,profit or hatred.The government, society and family should understand theair responsibility & do their duties. What we want to prove to kill that suffered people- a weak ,frusted player? Today there is a big resposibility on the shoulder of research scolars and doctors to advance their kowledge to treat hopless, critical and chronic diseases. It is our weakness to do labour hard. We should not name euthansia for our weakness.About 40 -45 years ago, there was no treatment, operation of vulvular heart diseases . If we thought mercy killing that time , then how at present sucessful treatment of V.H.D.are going on.

Vikings rowed in shifts but how long did each shift last?

As I might be the "source" of this question, or at least one of the sources, her we go! ;-) Your question holds a postulate: "Vikings rowed in shifts....". We do not actually know this, but my theory which I presented in a Danish daily newspaper on the 26th of January 1998 ( , later on the internet and still later in English ), I argued that there is a lingual connection between "rowing in shift" and the noun "viking". What is indisputeable is, that there in Northern Europe is an old sea measure, which means the distance between shifting rowers. In Low German this measure is called "Weke Sees", in Old Norse "vika sjóvar", in Danish "uge søs", in Norwegian "ukesøs", in Swedish both "veckusjö" and "sjövika". The Dutch and e. g. the Wends most likely have had their own names for this sea measure! The arguing is that from ON "vik" (the Eng. noun "turn" or "shift") is "vikja" (the Eng. verb "turn" or "shift") derived. From that the ON activity noun "viking" (the Eng. "turning" or shifting") is derived and from that the ON noun "vikingr" (the man who performed the "viking" activity) is derived! Compare with e. g. "sail" (the noun) => "sail" (the verb) => "sailing" => "sailor"! Even if ON "vikingr" thus means "a man undertaking a long voyage", we don't today know how old and "archaic" the connection between ON "vik" and ON "vikingr" was at the period of time, which we today call the "Viking Age"! In this area people were rarely literate and it is quite possible that the vikings (the pirates) had no knowledge of the etymology of the ON "vikingr"! Some years after I had written my article on this subject, I learnt that the Swedish admiral and chamberlain Bertil Daggfeldt had written this article already 1983. Daggfeldt's article were very little spread among Swedish philoIogists and no one really understood how important it was. I contacted Bertil Daggfeldt and got his permission to also put his article on the net ( . Later I also translated his article in to English, , and after that philologists from many countries began discussing the rower shifting etymology seriously! So returning to your question! The viking ships, both the long boat and other types could be propelled by rowers alone; this was a great advantage in critical situations, but normally the vikings sailed or waited for favourable winds. In those cases, where the ship was propelled by oars, one has to consider the length of th ON "vika sjóvar". The shift would then probably have been two hours; Scolars have also been postulating that a shift was 1000 oar strokes, but this is not documented! John Larsson, Hillerød, Denmark ( )