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A sovereign republic is a nation that is separate politically from all others. It is responsible for all of the needs of the people that live within its borders. A republic is a nation that votes for representatives by the vote of the people.

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Q: What is sovereign republic?
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What is Fiji's official name?

Republic of the Fiji IslandsThe Sovereign Republic of the Fiji Islands.

Who is the nation for Dominican republic?

The Dominican Republic is a sovereign country.

. Which form of government exists in Kenya?

Sovereign Republic.................

Does Spain own Dominican Republic?

No. Dominican Republic is a sovereign country.

Is Vanuatu on Australia?

No, the republic of Vanuatu is a sovereign nation.

What is a system in which voters hold sovereign power?


What is a sovereign of a Muslim country called?

-Islamic Republic of Afghanistan -Islamic Republic of Iran -Islamic Republic of Mauritania -Islamic Republic of Pakistan

What country holds Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is a sovereign country, which economy is dependant of the United States.

Which country does Dominican Republic belongs to?

itself, Dominican republic is a sovereign country.

Is Chechnya a sovereign country?

No. Chechnya is an Autonomous Republic of the Russian Federation.

When did India emerged as a sovereign democratic republic?

26th January 1950

Is Majuro a us territory?

No, it is a territory of the sovereign Republic of the Marshall Islands.