What is terorists?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a terorist is a suicide bomber.

Stop blaming inocent contries and calling one hole race a terrorist because of the sick brain washed bomer that live in the same country. please! these people are not even Muslims, they just call themselves"Muslims" their behaviors are completely against Islam.

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a terorsist is some who goes round killing people

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Q: What is terorists?
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How many terorists are there?


Do you think that terorists are evil?


How did the mauryan empire end what happened to India?

it waz by terorists losers

Why was swat made?

the swat was made because the police could not handle the amount of terorists .so they made the swat team . the swat was made to rescue hostages.

Are Arabic people considered terorists?

Well, if Arabic people were considered terrorists, then places like Egypt, Iraq and Yemen would be blown up by now.

Are Muslims terorists?

Well, there is less than 1/50 of Muslims that are terrorists. They are very striked about what people do and do not do. Take it from a Muslim, we are very kind and good people only some are bad not all of us.

How was obama bin laden eluded capture?

Obama Bin Laden has so far eluded capture as he is hiding like a fox in caves in Pakistanand sometimes in Afghanistan , with his fellow terrorists . But they are only existing and not living with his gang of terorists to protect him.

Should nukes be protecting the earth?

nukes protect and don't protect the earth. the way it doesn't protect is when it explodes and takes out a very small percentage of the earth. The way it helps is by killing terorists that wants every one dead then the food chain is gonna go out of wack.

What crimes against humanity did Ariel Sharon commit?

None. Ariel Sharon led the war against well-armed terrorist combatants in Lebanon, 1982-85. This was a necessary military undertaking, to protect Israel's citizens who were being deliberately targeted by terrorist acts. So I think your question should be directed against the terorists.

Can an illegal immigrant get a California driver's license?

imagrants can't get a drivers liscenseIf you were president of your contry would you let people drive cars and some might be terorists.!!! ---OnEsT-oPiNiOn---one route would be to apply for a work permit that in turn will allow you a restricted social security number that will have "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH INS AUTHORIZATION" printed on the card, you can then apply for a California drivers license as soon as you receive a SS# no need to show the card at the dmv. it might take a couple months and and few hundred dollars to get the paper work started and submitted. hope this helps.

Ways to solve the disadvantages of technology?

The prevention of fraud , cheating , terrorism and corruption is essential elements in public policy. The disadvatages of technology in killing the humen by police the hired murdered on public expense and gerators of 80 % crimes sponserd by so-called democratic system the most corrupt system of injustice and lawlessness by top classs terorists and by mass killing weapons at any name must be stopped. The accountability at global level , protection of human rights , solution of conflicts and provision of justice and equal rights as per Un charter must be ensured.

What do terorists do?

Terrorists want to do several things. They want to make a country unstable and afraid, and they want to take over that country to further their cause or beliefs. For example, some extremist religious groups want to defeat other religions (whom they regard as "infidels") and install their religion as the only faith allowed. Some extremist political groups want to overthrow the government and establish their views as the official way the country is run. Terrorists and extremists often use violence, rather than persuading people to vote or to believe differently; they instill fear by using unexpected force (bombings, for example), creating instability and leaving the public (and the country's major institutions, such as the government and civic society) unsure of what will happen next.