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At this point it is a Republican majority. That may change in 2018.

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Q: What is the 2017 political party makeup of the US Senate?
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What political party in congress has the most members?

In 2017, there are more Republicans in both houses of Congress.

What is the political party of the president in us?

President Obama is a Democrat . His term lasts until Jan. 20, 2017.

Who is the 2017 senate majority leader?

Mitch McConnell.

Where does the surname Rabenda come from?

Possibly Poland: There was recently a "Karol Rabenda", president of an activist political party from November 2015 until February of this year (2017), when he resigned from the party.

Which party was in government in 2012?

It was (and still is in 2017) the Conservative Party.

How many Republicans are there in US senate?

Currently there in 51 Republican senators in the US senate. This is as of January 2017.

How many US Representatives does Oklahoma have in 2017?

Currently in 2017, Oklahoma has three members in the House of Representatives and two members in the US Senate.

What are good sayings for the class of 2017?

I am also of the class of 2017. Here are a couple of helpful sayings my class used. -Step aside as we rock the scene. We're the class of 2017! -The class before us had a ball, the class of 2017 sure has it all. -United we stand, divided we fall, the class of 2017 sure has it all. -Class of 2017, we bring the party! -We're the ones who party mean cause we're the class of 2017!

How many social workers serve in the US Congress in 2017?

There are 2 in the Senate and 3 in the House.

Who are the state senator?

You can determine your Wisconsin state senator from this website.

Who is 2007 the pro Tempore of the Senate?

Orrin Hatch of Utah holds this office today in August, 2017. .

Who are the Wisconsin state senators?

You can determine your Wisconsin state senator from this website.

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