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The four living former US Presidents are: 1. Jimmy Carter 2. George HW Bush 3. Bill Clinton 4, George W Bush

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Q: What is the 4 living presidents name?
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Name the former presidents that are living?

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and both George Bushes.

Can you name three living presidents?

George HW. Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter.

What are the name of united states' presidents monuments?

One such famous monument is Mount Rushmore, which has 4 presidents on its surface.Another monument is the Lincoln Memorial.

How many former presidents are there in Wisconsin?

There are no former US presidents living in Wisconsin.

Name 4 presidents etched into mt Rushmore?

Lincoln, washington, grant,jackson

Which two presidents are still living?

As of 2021, the two living presidents of the United States are Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

What was the fifth presidents name?

The fifth presidents name was Harry Balsonya

Presidents who are still living?

goerge bush and obama

Who is living from the singing group the presidents?

Archie powell

4 P on M R?

4 Presidents on Mount Rushmore

What is the Length of the presidents and vice presidents terms?

4 yrs

How many presidents are collecting pensions?

At this time (winter 2017), there are five living former U. S. Presidents.