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a congressional act enabling a state to join the union

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Q: What is the Act of Admission?
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Explain the difference between an enabling act and an act of admission.?

what s the difference between an enablimg act and an act of admission?

Congressional measure admitting a US territory into the union as a state?

its called Act of admission

What is the difference of enabling act and an act of admission?

An enabling act is an act directing the people of the territory to frame a proposed State constitution. Whereas an act of admission is an act of creating the new State.

What is act of admission?

a congressional act enabling a state to join the union

How do you admitt a state into the union?

act of admission

When was the Texas admission act signed?

December 29,1845

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What is an admission?

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A congressional law that agrees to grant statehood is?

An act of Congress granting statehood is typically known as an Enabling Act. This legislation outlines the conditions and requirements for a territory to become a state. Once these conditions are met, the territory can draft a constitution and apply for admission to the Union.