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the freedom of speech, press, religion and assembly.

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Q: What is the First Admendment?
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What does the first admendment protect?

freedom of speech, press, and religion

What admendment repeals another admendment?

the controversial 18th admendment prohibition on alcohol was repealed by the even more controversial 21st admendment

Which admendment repealed another admendment?

20th and the 21st amendments.

What is the first 10 admendment to the US Constitution called?

That would be the Bill of Rights.

What is the 1st admendment?

The first amendment has a lot of important aspects. In short it guarantees freedom of speech, association, and religion.

What did the thirteenth admendment abolish?


What was the thirteenth admendment?

it abolished slavery novanet

What admendment after the civil war caused many southern states to pass black codes that allowed African American have the right to vote?

the 15 admendment

Which amendment allows people to protest the government?

The First Amendment allows people to publicly demonstrate or protest what they want to apply.

What is the 17th Admendment?

It changed the methods of electing senators.

When was the 26th admendment adopted and what did it do?

when was the 26th Amendment adopted, and what did it do ?

What is a solution for the election of 1800?

they created the 12th admendment