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It's called commute

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Q: What is the Governor's power to reduce a criminal sentence called?
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What is used to lessen a criminal's sentence?

A criminal's sentence can be lessened through plea bargaining with prosecutors, demonstrating good behavior in prison to earn early release, or providing substantial assistance in solving other crimes. A judge can also reduce a sentence based on mitigating factors or the defendant's remorse.

What is the best benefit of using a criminal lawyer?

A criminal lawyer can argue the case on behalf of the individual being tried. The criminal lawyer may be able to reduce a sentence, convince the jury of their client's innocence, thus avoiding ones possibility of having to be incarcerated.

What is clemecy?

One definition is mercy shown to a criminal to reduce a sentence or issue a pardon. For example, if a person has been sentenced to die, in many states the governor may show clemency by reducing the sentence to life.

How do you mitigate a criminal court case?

In Criminal law mitigation of punishment refers to reduction in punishment due to mitigating circumstances that reduce the criminal's level of culpability. You could probably try for a plea bargain. Plead guilty to a lesser offense, or offer to trade information for a reduced sentence.

If a defendant is sentenced to serve on a charge that requires a mandatory minimum sentence does a judge have the right under certain circumstances to reduce the original sentence?

No, that is why it is called a MANDATORY minimum sentence.

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Marriage is worse than a Federal sentence. It is a life sentence.

Informants seldom provide information in an effort to reduce criminal charges on themselves?


What is the President's power to reduce the length of a sentence?


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