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The Grand Remonstrance is a long document that presented all the grievances to King Charles 1.

Given to Charles in 1641 his reply was long awaited and his answer was eventually given on 23rd December 1641. he said no

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Q: What is the Grand Remonstrance?
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Why was the grand remonstrance important?

it was a key event in the run up to the english civil war

When was Five Articles of Remonstrance created?

Five Articles of Remonstrance was created in 1610.

What did the grand remonstrance want in 1641?

On 22 November 1641, after a stormy debate that lasted long into the night, Parliament won the Remonstrance by a slim number of 11 votes. It was 159 votes to 148. The King's supporters who tried to enter a protest were shouted down in a bad-tempered confrontation that almost ended in a riot.

If you are dissatisfied a remonstrance will...?

A remonstrance is a protest / complaint. So I guess if you remonstrate against something/body a decision or action might be changed.

The Grand Remonstrance was a list of these?

The Grand Remonstrance was a list of grievances of English Parliament given to Charles I of England, and publicly distributed, in 1641. The main grievances of the time touched on subjects of Church and State, the Anglican (English church) and Rome (Catholic church), favoritism in the King's appointments, the King's rights and responsibilities with regard to calling Parliament, raising money, etc-- basically, the age-old question of who has the power to do what and and to whom, and whether they ought to do it.

What are some examples of remonstrance old practices?

A remonstrance is a petition to a court, requesting that something which it is in contemplation to perform shall not be done. An example for old practices would be the Flushing Remonstrance from 1657, in which several citizens requested an exemption to Peter Stuyvesant's ban on Quaker worship.

What is the Flushing remonstrance?

The flushing remonstrravcte blah blah is something

How do you use the word remonstrance in a sentence?

"Although he continued to remonstrate against the unfairness of the hearing, the committee ruled against him." "As the repossession team prepared to drive away, the car owner continued to remonstrate."

Why did Charles I get rid of parliament for 11 years?

because he didnt like the fact they smelled.

What was Memorial and Remonstrance?

James Madison's document calling for, among other things, the end of church assessments and separation of church & state

What has the author Thomas Godman written?

Thomas Godman has written: 'A remonstrance against the mischievous abuse of phlebotomy by barbers and other unskilful persons'

Why did the English Civil War begin?

There are a variety of different causes. Charles married a catholic Charles attempted to introduce a new prayer book William Laud and the changes to the church The Eleven Years Tyranny Irish Rebellion Ship Money Arguments Over the Army The Arrest of the 5 MPs The Nineteen Propositions The Grand Remonstrance