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According to Wikipedia the population is 671,927 (as of 31st December 2009) so it's not a accurate result, it's more likely to be 700,000+ now.

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The population of Seckbach - Frankfurt am Main - is 10,079.

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Q: What is the Population of Frankfurt Germany?
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What is the population of Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany, with a 2015 population of 731,095 within its administrative boundaries and 2.3 million in its urban area.

In which European country is Frankfurt?


What state of Germany is Frankfurt found?

Frankfurt is found in Hesse (German: Hessen). I have to improve my answer, when you just talk about Frankfurt than you usual mean Frankfurt am (on the) Main, which is in Hesse (Hessen) But there is another Frankfurt in Germany, which is called Frankfurt an der (on the) Oder, that is in eastern Germany. This Frankfurt is found in Brandenburg.

How far from Billerbeck Germany to Frankfurt Germany?

From Billerbeck, Germany to Frankfurt am Main, Germany, it's about 300km.

Where is Frankfurt airport located?

The Flughafen Frankfurt airport is by far the busiest passenger traffic airport in Germany. They are the main hub of the Lufthansa airline and are located at 60547 Frankfurt, Germany.

What is farther Frankfurt Germany to Paris or Frankfurt Germany to Amsterdam?

Frankfurt to Paris is 573km and Frankfurt to Amsterdam is 442km. So Paris is farther from Frankfurt than Amsterdam.

When was Frankfurt Germany Temple created?

Frankfurt Germany Temple was created in 1987.

Where did frankfurters come from?

chickens and cows

What country is Berlin and Frankfurt in?

Berlin and Frankfurt are in Germany.

What is the population of Gallus Frankfurt?

Gallus - Frankfurt -'s population is 25,843.

What are some schools in the town Frankfurt?

Some schools that exist in the town of Frankfurt include Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Stadelschule, and the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. Frankfurt is currently ranked the fifth-largest city in Germany with a population of 705,000.

What is the distance between Frankfurt and Jena?

There are about 139.708 miles between Frankfurt, Germany and Jena, Germany.