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from the president to congress back to the president.

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Q: What is the Sequence for approval for the federal budget?
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What is the bill called that gives approval for spending public money?

A Budget Approval

Who must the president receive approval from before spending money?

The president must receive approval from Congress before spending money. Specifically, this approval is granted through the passage of a federal budget or appropriations bills.

What are a governors legislative duties?

budget approval

The federal budget process begins with?

The process of preparing a federal budget is first knowing what the budget is. The president then has to submit his budget requests to Congress.

Who makes the budget for the government?

The US Congress creates the budget and then submits it for approval to the President.

This branch is responsible for proposing a budget for approval?


What percent of the Federal budget does the 85 billion cut represent of the federal budget?


What is the budget of Federal Railroad Administration?

The budget of Federal Railroad Administration is 1,561,000,000 dollars.

What is the Federal Budget-?

The federal budget is a detailed plan of the government's expected income and expenses for the coming fiscal year (the fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30).

When was Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget created?

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget was created in 1981.

What is the key difference between the federal budget and individual state budgets?

Federal a national budget with funds to support the military, and federal programs. The state budget is only for that state.

What is the approval of government spending?

The approval of government spending comes from Congress. It is referred to as the budget resolution or the deficit resolution.