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The vice president is second in command of the nation, he only answers to the president. YM Why is the vice president rank? YMMV

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Q: What is the Vice president rank?
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What does the president and the vice president do?

a president is chief executive and chooses government officials with approval with the senate. A VICE PRESIDENT is an officer in government who is below the president in rank

What political rank was Gerald Ford before he was vice president?


Who becomes the president if he were to die?

The Vice President.. If The VP dies then the next higher up rank takes his place

What was Henry trumans rank when he started the atomic bomb?

Vice President of the United States.

Who is the deputy president of America?

the deputy president can also be referred to as the vice president and her name is Kamala Harris

What is a higher rank Chief Operations Officer or Vice President?

In the US government the President is higher, but in a company the CEO is the highest. In order to clarify this it should be noted that the office of CEO does not exist in the US Government. Also, in the business world a person can be both the CEO, Chief Executive Officer and President.

What is the president's position within the executive branch?

* President * Vice-president* President * Vice-president* President * Vice-president* President * Vice-president* President * Vice-president* President * Vice-president

What is the name of the vice president now?

There is no such rank in Pakistan. In Absence of President of Pakistan, Chairman Senate takes the charge. So, Logically you can name Chairman Senate as the Acting or Vice President of Pakistan.

What are some good types of vice president jobs?

Some good types of vice president jobs include Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Marketing, Vice President of Operations, and Vice President of Finance. These roles typically involve overseeing and managing the respective departments within an organization and making strategic decisions to drive growth and success. The specific responsibilities and requirements may vary depending on the industry and company.

Who is the second ranking member of the executive branch?

Vice President

If the president can no longer serve who can be president?

vice president until presidents term is up.

How is the vice-president elected?

The vice president is selected by the canidates and if they win the vice president they chose becomes vice president.