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It is often abbreviated: gov't.

Or more commonly: Gov.
good and simple its gov

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Q: What is the abbreviatedform of the word government?
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What is a sentence with the word limited government?

They did all the work with limited government support. This is an example using the word limited government.

Is government a compound word?

No, it is not a compound word.

What part of speech is the word government?

The word government is a noun. The plural noun is governments.

What is French is government?

The French word for "government" is "gouvernement."

How do you spell the word government?

That is the correct spelling of "government."

What is root of word government?

The root of the word "government" is "gubernare," which is a Latin word meaning "to steer" or "to direct."

Where did the word government come from?

Government comes from the Greek word for contol (govern) and the latin word for mind (ment) put the two together and you have exactly what the government implements on 85% of the population (MINDCONTROL).

What words can you make from the word government?

rentnetVermontTremor(and it's "government")

Can you give a sentence for the word government?

The government represents us.

A sentence using the word government?

A sentence using the word government might be, "The state government is comprised of a governor and a senate". The government of the United States is led by the President of the United States.

What is another word for federal government?

National Government, Central government(as opposed to state)

What is the word orgin of the word government?

The word "government" is from Old French. It was used as early as the 14th century. Please see the related link below.