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S.Ct. (without a space between S. & Ct.) is the abbreviation for Supreme Court Reporter.

U.S. is the abbreviation for United States Reports, the bound volumes where Supreme Court opinions are published.

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Q: What is the abbreviation for Supreme Court Reporter?
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What does SCt stands for in Supreme Court?

S.Ct. is an abbreviation for Supreme Court. S.Ct. indicates the writer is citing a Supreme Court case.

What reporter or reporters would you look in to find a published Illinois Supreme Court decisions?

what reporter would you find apublished illinois supreme court decision

Who publishes the opinion of the US Supreme Court?

The Reporter of Decisions

Do you find US Supreme Court decisions in the Federal Reporter?

No, West Publishing compiles the thirteen US Court of Appeals Circuit Court decisions in the Federal Reporter; US District Court decisions are published in the Federal Supplement; US Supreme Court decisions are published in Supreme Court Reporter. The official US federal government bound publication of Supreme Court decisions is United States Reports. For more information, see Related Links, below.

How do you abbreviate Justice of the Supreme Court?

When the meaning of the abbreviation can be understood in context (for example, in the text of an opinion), the abbreviation is simply "J." In academic writing or journalism, the Supreme Court of the United States is identified, and the justices are then referred to as "Justice" or "Chief Justice," rather than by the Court's standard abbreviation, shown above.

Who is the official reporter for the US Supreme Court?

Reporter of DecisionsIf you're asking about the person who acts as Reporter of Decisions for the Supreme Court of the United States, the most recenter Reporter was Frank D. Wagner, who held office from 1987-2010. Wagner was responsible for publishing the decisions of the Court in volumes 480-561 of United States Reports. His successor has not yet been selected (as of September 25, 2010).Supreme Court ReportersIf you're asking about the names of bound editions carrying US Supreme Court opinions, the official, government version is United States Reports.West Publishing produces annotated editions that include opinions, commentary and precedents published as The Supreme Court Reporter and The Federal Practice Digest. The digest includes US Supreme Court decisions as well as published opinions from Court of Appeals Circuit Courts, US District Court, US Court of Federal Claims, bankruptcy courts, Court of Military Appeals, the Courts of Military Review, and other federal courts. LexisNexis publishes a product similar to The Supreme Court Reporter called Supreme Court Reports, Lawyer's Edition.There are also online databases that provide full digital research capabilities, such as WestLaw and Lexis-Nexis. These are paid subscription services.Online reprints of Supreme Court decisions are available through a number of free sources, such as FindLaw, Justia, and LII: Supreme Court Collection (Cornell), among other places.

What is a court reporter school?

visit the at: about them: Court Reporter Schools covers online court reporter school info, court reporter colleges, court reporter programs online, salary, career information and how to become a court reporter.

What is the full form of AIR-SC India?

AIR-SC is "All India Reporter- Supreme Court" "All India Reporter Pvt Ltd." is a Law Publishing Company in India.

Who has final say in explaining the Constitution?

The Supreme Court.

What US Supreme Court Reporter published Cohen v. California?

Cohen v. California, 403 US 15 (1971)Henry Putzel, Jr., 1938 graduate of Yale Law School and self-described "double revolving peripatetic nit-picker" was the Supreme Court of the United States' Reporter of Decisions from 1964-1979.

What is the highest court in the United states-?

The correct name is the Supreme Court of the United States, but most people refer to it as the US Supreme Court. Each state has its own Supreme Court, but the US Supreme Court is the end of the line.

What is the correct abbreviation court?

The correct abbreviation for court is "ct."