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because the robinson projection is more stronger and has more people than the mercator projection. this is also the right answer to. you see i grew up in a small town where yopu have to be right about everything.

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Q: What is the advantage of a Robinson projection over a mercator projection?
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What is the advantage of Robinson projection over a mercator projection?

because the robinson projection is more stronger and has more people than the mercator projection. this is also the right answer to. you see i grew up in a small town where yopu have to be right about everything.

How do Mercator and Robinson projections differ?

yes ,Mercator Robinson and conic projections differ because Mercator Robinson is not true it`s Mercator projection . Mercator projections are the grid is rectangular and lines of latitude and longitude are all parallel. conic projections are a map projections of the globe onto a cone with its points over one of the earth`s poles

How do Mercator Robinson and Conic projections differ?

Mercator and conic projections are different because conic projections have a cone/triangle shape and they are the same because both are type of maps..... I know really bad answer but I hope this helped

History of cartography in order?

The history of cartography in the order which occurred are: 1: Ibn idrsi's world map 2: The travel of Marco Polo 3: The Mercator projection 4: The Robinson projection

What advantage does first angle orthographic projection have over third angle orthographic projection?


What advantage does an azimuthal map projection have over a cylindrical map projection?

actually, we don't have any idea about this because our teacher, florentino morales jr didn't taught us what is this stuff!

What advantages does an 120 inch projection screen have over a 120 inch LCD screen?

Cost is the major advantage - it is much cheaper to buy a projector which will easily provide a lovely clear image at that size than buying a 120 inch LCD television. Another advantage is that a projection system is more portable.

What are the advantages of third angle projection over the first angle projection?

Neglecting term "opposite".. In third angle projection, what we see are what are we going to draw

Which type of maps is most distorted at the poles?

The Mercator projection World Map is the chart which is most distorted in the polar regions. Originally developed in the mid sixteenth century it was the most popular map for marine navigators for over 400 years. It is still useful for navigation at sea but has been supplanted by newer projections, especially after the advent of aviation navigation.

What are the pros and cons of Robinson projection?

The only realy accurate representation of the spherical Earth is a spherical globe, but you can't fold up a globe and put it in your backpack or briefcase. In order to make flat maps, we use various "projections". Imagine the globe as transparent, with a light bulb in the center. Hold a sheet of flat paper touching the map at one point or line, and let the light streaming out make your map. Trying to make a flat map that represents a spherical Earth, therefore, involves some compromises and inaccuracies. The classical "Mercator" projection map is a rolled-up cylinder of paper touching the Earth at the equator, and represents the equatorial areas pretty well, and allows you to view the lines of longitude as "straight". But when you get into polar areas, the distortion becomes pretty bad. For example, a Mercator projection of the Earth shows Greenland as larger than South America, which isn't even close. The Robinson projection "squeezes" the polar areas so that they aren't too bad, and does a pretty good job with the tropical and mid-latitude areas as well. There's still some distortion, but it isn't as bad, but the longitude lines are displayed as curves. Which is correct, but sometimes difficult to measure. But in many cases, it's the best compromise. Maps of smaller areas use what's known as a "conic" projection to achieve pretty good accuracy over the whole map. But you can't use conic projections to display large areas, such as continents. Some cartographers use a "peeled orange" technique, which does a good job of depicting larger areas, at the expense of having to figure out exactly where the orange rinds go together.

The main advantage of ECL over TTL?

The main advantage of ECL over TTL is speed.

What is the validity of projections of an arithmetic graph of an exponential growth?

The validity of the projection depends on the validity of the model. If the model is valid over the domain in question then the projection is valid within that domain. If the model is not then the projection is not. And that applies to all kinds of graphs - not just exponential.