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Perpetual means ongoing and incapability mean not smart, resourceful, or able to do it. An antonym is the opposite, so the phrase would be 'flash of genius.'

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Q: What is the antonym for perceptual in-capabilities?
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What is perceptual modalities

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a perceptual region is affected by human perception.

A region based on subjective attitudes about different areas of the world is called a?

perceptual regions

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You need to explain what you mean by perceptual regions. What is that?

What are the names of famous paralympians?

The Paralympic Games are for athletes with physical incapabilities, but not necessarily mental incapabilities. Some known Paralympians are Trischa Zorn from the US, Beatrice Hess from France, Ragnhild Myklebust from Norway, and Nayumi Narita from Japan.

When was Perceptual - album - created?

Perceptual - album - was created on 2000-04-11.

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•Perceptual salience: information that is the focus of people's attention

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The four main types of perceptual constancies are size constancy, shape constancy, brightness constancy, and color constancy. Size constancy refers to the perception of an object's size remaining the same despite changes in its distance from the observer. Shape constancy involves perceiving an object as maintaining its shape even when the viewing angle changes. Brightness constancy is the ability to perceive an object as maintaining a consistent level of brightness under different lighting conditions. Color constancy is the perception of an object's color remaining the same under varying lighting conditions.

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Stereotypes can damage your perceptual accuracy due to the lack of focus

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yes it is because the definition of perceptual region is: Region with characteristics peole perceive in mch the same way. EXAMPLE:anaheim perceptual region is the West.