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based upon the federal acquisition regulatin

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an inherent power that may be used to implement the constitutional duties and responsibilites of the executive branch

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Q: What is the authority of the executive branch to enter into a contract?
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Why may the Executive Branch of the Federal government enter into a contract for supplies to support the armed forces?

Because the Executive Branch has the "inherent" Constitutional power to enter into a contract.

What individuals has expressed authority to enter into and administer contracts and is responsible for ensuring that contract actions comply with all laws executive orders and regulations?

Contracting officer

Which branch can have the us agree to a treaty with a foreign country?

The Executive branch has the authority to negotiate and enter into treaties with foreign countries. However, the Senate must ratify the treaty by a two-thirds majority before it becomes legally binding.

What is the only branch of government that can enter into treaties?

the president can sign a treaty but congress has to ratify it in order for the US to enter into it. So I guess congress is the only branch of government.

In order to enter into a treaty with a foreign nation the executive branch needs what?

The approval of the Senate

What Executive branch?

The Executive Branch is the President of the United States and his Cabinet. The main job of this branch is to veto or approve laws passed by Congress and make suggestions to Congress such as what laws should be passed and whether the United States should enter a war.

The power to enter into treaties with other countries and to make executive agreements with other heads of state is known as?

The power to enter into treaties with other countries and make executive agreements with other heads of state is known as the power of foreign diplomacy or treaty-making authority.

Can an alien enter a legally binding contract?

They could enter into a contract. Enforcement if they leave the country could be difficult, but there is no reason they can't enter a contract.

How old do you have to be to enter into a contract in Venezuela?

Only an adult can enter into an enforceable contract. In Venezuela that is the age of 18.

According to Thomas Hobbes what motivates individuals to enter into a social contract?

Thomas Hobbes believed that individuals are motivated to enter into a social contract in order to escape the state of nature, which he described as a state of constant fear and conflict. By forming a social contract and establishing a sovereign authority, individuals can secure peace, order, and security for themselves. Hobbes argued that this mutual agreement is necessary to prevent the chaos and violence that would ensue without a governing authority.

Is it legal to enter fee's after a contract is signed?

Only if the contract allows for it.

Describe the organization of the executive branch?

Article 2 describes the Executive Branch. It provides the requirements for being president. It also lists the various duties and responsibilities, as well as how the President is to be elected.