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a country or state can be under control and have laws. but a country that doesnt have laws or not even a government is called an anarchy state.

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Q: What is the benefits of government?
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Is the widow of a late national guardsman entitled to any government benefits?

Perhaps state benefits but not government benefits

What are some benefits of Romania's government?

any benefits

What type of benefits do the VA get from the United States government?

The VA receive supplementary benefits from the United States Government, these include compensation and/or pension benefits even if they have received military pay.

What benefits does the government provide?

There are so many things that the national government provides to states. The main provision is funds that are devolved to the states for purposes of development.

What are the costs and benefits of government policies?

I think governmet's policies give many benefits to the people.

What are disability benefits?

Disability benefits are government benefits which are provided for people who have an ailment classified as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities act.

What are the benefits in socialist government?

Equal distribution of wealth.

What benefits do you get when working as a csi?

Access to the government databases.

Who benefits from tax?

surely government that too c.m

During a recession the government raises unemployment benefits by 100 million.?

During a recession the government raises unemployment benefits by 100 million and the GDP does not go up.

What are economic benefits of the Louisiana purchase?

the economic benefits of the Louisiana purchase are that we double our government and amount of land

How can the people in the handicraft industry benefits from the taxes they pay to the government?

In exactly the same ways everyone else benefits.