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Cultural Diffusion


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Q: What is the blending of two or more cultures called?
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What is cultural blending?

Where two or more cultures mix together their way of living.Cultural blending is when two or more cultures living in close proximity with each other start to mix their cultures together.

The study of two or more cultures is called?


Which process is a two's blending of divergent cultures into a common culture with a common identity?

The term is acculturation.

How did Native American cultures and religions blend with the Spanish culture and religion of the La Bahia?

The blending was natural since it were Spanish people who first landed in America and mixed up with the Native Indians. When two cultures and religions mix such blending does occur

What are the blending of ideas created a religion called the Hinduism?

Hinduism is a fine blend of Ancient Aryans & Dravidian cultures & rituals. Hinduism devloped from Religion called Brahmanism.

The blending of beliefs and practices from different religions?

The blending of two distinct religions into a unique third is called Syncretism.

What is a reason for blending two or more fibers?

A reason for blending two or more fibers is to create a fabric that features the benefits of the two fabrics. For example, when blending polyester and cotton in a knit, the garment will shrink less, wrinkle less, and retain its shape better due to the polyester.

Example of blending with sentence?

Blending means to mix two or more things together. The artist's painting is an early example of blending several colors from different parts of the spectrum.

What is a A blending of two sounds in a vowel called?

A "diphthong".

Product of a thorough blending of two or more substances not chemically combined?


Cultural convergence is different from cultural divergence in that it?

Answer this question… causes cultures to become more similar to each other.

If two or more cultures have similar myths?

they may have something in common as cultures.