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The purpose of the blogger is to help people to communicate with differents people and it will help people to make new friends. the main purpose of blogger is to increase the knowledge of the people by reading and writing.

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Q: What is the blogger purpose?
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What is the purpose of blogger?

Share doings with friends, make money from ads. Get money from sponsors.

official blogger?

official blogger

What is bloggista?

A bloggista is 'a blogger'. Bloggista is synonymous to blogger. In Italy, it refers to the male blogger.

What are the future developments of the website Blogger?

Blogger is every day updating and becoming advance blogger but if we discuss about future development than all changes will help to abstract spammer. nothing more than it. blogger want original blogger, not spammer blogger so future changes is favor of genuine blogger.

Tumblr or blogger?

blogger is really good if you are new to blogging as well tumblr is good too. But I'll prefer Blogger.

How do blogger and blogspot compare?

Blogger and Blogspot is the samee!

When was Brain Blogger created?

Brain Blogger was created in 2005.

Where can I find blogger templates online?

if you're looking for templates specifically for Blogger, you can try these websites: Blogger Templates: The official Blogger website provides a collection of free templates that you can use for your blog. You can find them here: Blogger Templates. Gooyaabi Templates: This website offers a wide range of free and premium Blogger templates with various styles and designs. You can explore their collection here: Gooyaabi Templates. ThemeForest: ThemeForest is a popular marketplace for website templates, including those for Blogger. You can find a selection of premium Blogger templates here: ThemeForest - Blogger Templates. Remember to check the compatibility of any template you choose with the Blogger platform to ensure it works seamlessly with your blog.

Where does a blogger whale live?

A "Blogger Whale" does not exist as a name for a whale.

Is blogger for children?

its for any age blogger is like an online diray

What rhymes with blogger?

A jogger could be a blogger who writes a running column.

A person who keeps a blog?

A person writing a blog is called a blogger.