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In my research from high school, the CCC is the Civilion Conservation Corps. The issue/problem it aimed to tackle was at the unemployment of young men. Actions taken/powers of agency; money earnt by the community was sent straight to the mens families. Evidence it was/ was not effective; Around 2.5 million young men found work and sent some money back to their families. thats all I have got. :D

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Q: What is the ccc in the New Deal?
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How does the ccc the wpa and the tva all relate to the new deal?

i think they were all part of roosevelt new deal

Which New Deal program help build macons airport?

the ccc

What was the least likely outcome of CCC?

The Civilian Conservation Corps, or the CCC, was one of the key operations during the New Deal. The least likely outcome of the CCC was that it would be a permanent solution. As the economy grew, the CCC was less and less necessary.

What three New Deal programs provided work relief to the unemployed?

the WPA, the BWA, and the CCC

Why is the new deal nicknamed alphabet soup?

it had programs like the CCC, SSA, TVA, etc.

How did immigrants benefit from the CCC?

The CCC was one of the many organizations formed during the "New Deal". The CCC otherwise known as Civilian Conservation Corps, was an employment relief service that helped give jobs to people in need, including immigrants.

What was AAA 1930's?

Do you mean the ccc's? Which stands for the Civilian Conservation Corp. The AAA stands for the Agricultural Adjustment Act.. CCC is another one of the programs FDR passed to help the public in his New Deal.

How did the New Deal change the us?

FDR made many programs to help the people get jobs and food. AAA, CCC, TVA, PWA, SSA, WPA etc... were the new deal programs which helped the us economy.

New deal program that provided part-time jobs to people between the ages of 16 and 25?

cool CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)

What was AAA in 1930s?

AAA isthe Agricultural Adjustment Act.. CCC is another one of the programs FDR passed to help the public in his New Deal.

How did some New Deal Programs discriminate against African Americans?

Programs like the CCC preferred white people over African Americans

How many new deal programs were there?

there are seven: the FCA, CCC, PWA, CWA, WPA, NYA, and the social security act. In total- 7