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Q: What is the climax of How the world was created panayan?
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The moral lesson of the story how the world was created panayan?

The moral lesson of the Panayan creation story is that cooperation and unity are essential in creating harmony and balance in the world. Through the collective efforts of the different deities, the world was created with each having a specific role to play, emphasizing the importance of working together towards a common goal.

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What happens in the story 'How the World Was Created Panayan'?

Panayan myth relates that Tungkung Langit and his wife Alunsina ruled over a vast deep covered by mists. Events led to an argument where Tungkung Langit removed Alunsina's godly powers. Shortly after she disappeared, to be found no where. Tungkung Langit was lonely after so much time by himself and yearned for his wife to return. He created a giant basin of water (the sea) to help him see his wife if she were far above. After much time, the sea began to bother Tungkung Langit, so he came to the Middle world and created land and planted trees, flowers, and grasses. He then scattered Alunsina's jewels across the heavens, her necklace the stars, her comb the moon, her crown the sun, in hopes that she would see them and return to him. To the Panayans the rain means his tears and the thunder his sobs for his lost wife.

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