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The Boston Tea Party. Rebelling became a symbol for one's freedom.

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Q: What is the connection between tea and politics?
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What does politics have to do with history?

The present is the result of past politics and that is the connection between politics and history.

What is the connection between literature and politics?

Literature has always been a source of inspiration for politicians and lawmakers alike. Without literature, politics wouldn't function properly.

In the Boston Tea Party was there any connection to the stamp act?

yes ,the Boston tea party did have connection to the stamp act.

What is the connection between politics and church?

I don't think it is a connection but they both have things in common. Presidents and God, rules and laws. I think people will COMPARE politics with churches but i don't think they are connected. That's just my opinion. Others may think differently.

Why has traditional party politics failed?

In the United States, traditional party politics is alive and well. Failures in government communications between the Congress and the White House, have always had their ups and downs. Despite inroads made by the Tea Party, it appears that it's politics as usual in the USA.

Is there a difference between international politics and world politics?

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What does tea party in politics mean?

Their goal is to "change politics as usual" They use the name tea party in reference to the tea party during the American revolution. They want to lower taxes significantly and stop the wealthy few from running the government.

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